Working areas

Paradise Sandbox features a professional interface that allows you to add as many 'working areas' as you want, which can be either a single viewport or multiple viewports.

Each 'working area' is added as a tab (you can use Ctrl+Tab for quickly switching between tabs) and you can even rename these tabs by just double clicking on the tab's name.

To add a new 'working area' area, just navigate to Viewport->Add and select a layout:


Each viewport has top bar with a set of options and modes:

Now we will see each option in detail:

Transform tools

The transforms tools allows you to visually translate, rotate and scale objects using a 3D gizmo. Transforms tool can be combined by pressing the Ctrl key while selecting or deselecting them.

Hotkeys: F (translate), G (rotate) and H (scale). J will disable all transform tools.

Transform modes: specifies the space of the transform gizmos

  • Global: Default behaviour, transform gizmos are shown in world space
  • Local: Transform gizmos are shown in local space. If more than one object is selected, the tranform mode will be always global.

'Lighting only' mode

The 'Lighting only' mode is very useful to see the contribution of lighting to the scene. It overrides all diffuse textures and uses a grayscale texture instead. The intensity of the diffuse component can be changed on the fly (setting the diffuse intensity to zero you will only see specular highlights).

NOTE: Using the 'Lighting only' menu, you are able to show/hide the light markers (the helper billboards that are used to visually select lights).

This is a comparison of a standar render vs the lighting only mode:

Camera speed

For each viewport, the camera speed and the speed multiplier (shift key modifier) can be modified:

  • Velocity: Base speed of the camera
  • Speed multiplier: Multiplier applied when the shift key modifier is pressed


The grid that is shown in each viewport can be disabled/enabled (click on the icon) and also customized to fit your scene range and proportions by using the extended menu.

Viewport gizmo

The viewport gizmo is a helper object with two functions:

  • Helps the user to know the camera orientation and world axes
  • Allows the user to quickly align the camera with a world axis by clicking on it

Of course, it can be disabled (by clicking on the icon) and also its position can be changed (by using the extended menu).


Finally, the 'Compositors' icon allows the user to enable or disable post-processing effects on the selected viewport. It can be very useful in vast scenes or when using old machines, since disabling post-processing effects will give us some extra FPS.