• Ctrl+X cut
  • Ctrl+C copy
  • Ctrl+V paste
  • Ctrl+Z undo
  • Ctrl+Y redo
  • Ctrl+S save
  • Del removes current selection
  • Ctrl+T for adding a single viewport tab
  • Ctrl+Tab for switching between tabs
  • F11 for switching between windowed and full screen modes

Camera movement

  • Mouse + Right button for rotating the camera around the scene
  • Mouse + Middle button for orbiting the camera around the scene
  • W/S/A/D (or arrows) for moving the camera. Shift modifier for faster movement.
  • Q/E for moving the camera up/down relative to the camera view


  • F/G/H for translate, rotate and scale tools. Ctrl modifier for combining editor tools.
  • J to disable selected tools.
  • X to show/hide the grid
  • T to switch between local/global transform modes
  • L to enable/disable the lighting only mode
  • C to enable/disable compositors