Frequently asked questions

1. I've a decent NVIDIA card but the rendering is broken

If you're using a Laptop, it's very probably you have an hybrid system: an integrated Intel graphics card and the high performance Nvidia card.

Solution: Make sure to explicitly specify in the Nvidia Control Panel that 'Paradise Sandbox.exe' has to be executed using the high performance card, otherwise the integrated Intel graphics card will be used and it'll cause unexpected errors.

2. I've a decent ATI card but the rendering is broken

It's very probably that you've accidentally clicked on 'Yes, a have a Nvidia card' during the Paradise Sandbox installation process.

Solution: open 'PEngine.ini' (placed in PROGRAM_FILES/Paradise Sandbox/) with a text editor and write: 'RenderSystem' at the place of 'RenderSystem'. If that doesn't solve the problem open a new thead at the help forum.

3. I don't want to stop the rendering process when Paradise Sandbox doesn't have the focus

Solution: editing 'PEditor.ini' you will be able to choose between 3 different behaviours about stopping the rendering process:


  • Never: the rendering process will never be stopped
  • Minimized: the rendering process will be stopped only when Paradise Sandbox window is minimized
  • NoFocus: (default) the rendering process is stopped when the Paradise Sandbox window doesn't have the focus

Note: options in 'PEditor.ini' and 'PEngine.ini' will be accesible via User Interface in the near future

4. Can I share the same project between different computers using, for example, a shared Dropbox folder?

Yes, you can. From Paradise Sandbox v1.3 project folders are self-contained, which means that all the needed resources (textures, models, ...) are copied to it, so you're able to open/copy a project in/to other computer without any problem.

5. When I register an user account in Paradise Sandbox, is any security consideration being taken account?

Yes, we never store or send over the network your password. We generate a double-hashed string (SHA-1) and that's what we send and store in our servers.

We use a double-hashed string in order to make it impossible to infer your original password from the stored hash.

Also, all petitions/responses are signed with an encrypted (and then hashed) firm.