Paradise Sandbox uses a robust shadow system to achieve real-time high-quality shadows.

Shadow parameters are customizable per-scene, all shadow-related properties can be changed using the 'Property Editor' when a scene has been selected using the 'Project Explorer':

Note 1: these shadow properties are effective for the scene main light, named 'MainLight', and which is already configured in all presets and sample scenes that come with Paradise Sandbox

Note 2: in future versions 'Spot lights' are going to be added and each spot light will be able to cast shadows


Quality of shadows (resolution) , from Very low to Extra high. Better quality means more resolution ,so in small scenes (for example indoor rooms) which MainLight's attenuation distance is about 15-30 meters, even Low or Medium quality will result in aceptable shadows. On the other hands, open-door scenes (where MainLight's attenuation distance is ~150-300 meters) will need High or Extra high quality in order to look great.

Edge radius:
Power of the soft shadows effect (smooth borders). Big values can lead to noising artifacts.

Bias applied to receiver surfaces in order to avoid self-shadowing acne problems. There are 4 bias values, each one for each region of the shadow field: the first one affects the region near the camera while the 4th one affects the fartest region of the scene.

Gradient bias:
Similar to Bias but its effect is multiplied by the dot product between the surface's normal and the direction incidence.

Note: a very important parameter for the final visual result of shadows is the MainLight's attenuation distance.