Types of materials in Paradise Sandbox

In Paradise Sandbox, there are two different type of materials:

1 Built-in: Materials that you're able to select using the material selector: metals, woods, ...
2 Custom: A set of materials that the user is able to customize using their own textures: diffuse, normal and specular maps. These are the materials used when you import a new asset to Paradise Sandbox.


All materials have a set of unified parameters that the user is able to see (and also change if it's a custom material):

Note 1: only change these properties (using the Property Editor) when the material is a custom material (white preview). If it's a built-in material, material properties are not going to be properly shared between the forward and the deferred passes.
Note 2: when you import an asset, all subentities will use custom materials by default.


  • Diffuse map: The classical diffuse map that defines the color
  • Normal map: The classical normal map that defines the normal at each point of the model (tangent space)
  • Specular map: A texture that defines the power of the specular highlights at each point of the model (black means zero power, black full power)


  • Specular power: Multiplier of the specular effect. Values >= 0.7 means reflections are taken account.
  • Specular shininess: Shininess value of the material
  • Color: For materials without diffuse map, it defines the color of the surface

Using custom materials

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