Spotlights are light projectors with are defined by a position and a direction, among others parameters.

Paradise Sandbox's spotlights are texture-based projectors, which means that you're able to use the light shape you want, in form of texture (usually a graylevel texture, but it can be colored too!). Paradise Sandbox's spotlights support true volumetric lighting too, all this in real-time!

Spotlights are spatials so them can be added to any node/layer like any other object. Use the rotation gizmo to change its direction.

Texture, aperture size and shadows

  • Texture: Texture which is used to create the emiting light.
  • Aperture size: The size of the aperture, in degrees. Limited to 179ยบ.
  • Cast shadows: Enable or disable shadow casting for this spotlight.


  • Volumetric: Enables/disables volumetric lighting
  • Volumetric power: The power/intensity of the volumetric effect


Spotlights can have billboard-based lens flares, using a texture to simulate the highlight shape.


  • Enable: show/hide the flare
  • Size: size of the flare, it can also be changed by using the scale gizmo on the light (like any other object)
  • Texture: texture to be used. Navigate to the "Flares" folder to browse the built-in flares. You can add your own textures to 'Media/Materials/Textures/Flares', and use your custom flares.
  • Depth bias: sometimes the geometry of an object which is near the light will intersec the billboard geometry. In these cases, apply a positive depth bias in order to render the flare in front of the near object.