Paradise Sandbox has three types of light:

  • Spotlight: hundreds per scene, able to cast shadows (optional, it can be disabled)
  • Point light: hundreds per scene, do not cast shadows
  • Directional: one per scene, which always casts shadows (Sun light, usually)

Hide/show light markers (debug geometry)

In Paradise Sandbox, point lights and spotlights use a debug billboard to easily select and place lights. Sometimes these debug billboards are annoying and it's better to hide them, at least for having a look to the result.

This can be done per-viewport, checking 'Show light markers' in the 'Lighting only' menu:

Common properties (to all types of light)

Color of the light. This is a RGB value between (0,0,0) -pure black- and (1,1,1) -pure white-. Use the power multiplier to vary the intensity of the light (HDR values).

Power multiplier
Intensity of the light.

Atenuattion distance
Area of influence:

  • Point lights: it's equal to the radius of the light.
  • Directional light: it's equal to the shadow casting distance. Use the lower possible value that gives good results in the scene. An attenuation distance of 50 meters means that only objects which are not far than 50 meters from the camera are going to cast shadows. But don't set a huge value, since the shadows quality is worst when this value is big.
  • Spotlights: light attenuation distance (area of influence of the light)

Exp density
Exponential falloff value. Affects to how the light is attenuated over the distance.

Exp density = 1 (linear falloff)

Exp density = 1.5

Exp density = 2 (smoother)