Importing content to Paradise Sandbox is as easy as drag and drop your model(s) to Paradise Sandbox. Also you can click on File->Import->3D models and select your model.

Paradise Sandbox FREE only imports Collada (.dae) files. Paradise Sandbox PRO imports from more than 45 file formats: 3d, 3ds, ac, ac3d, acc, ase, ask, b3d, blend, bvh, cob, csm, dae, dxf, enff, fbx, hmp, ifc, ifczip, irr, irrmesh, lwo, lws, lxo, md2, md3, md5mesh, mdc, mdl, mot, ms3d, ndo, nff, obj, off, pk3, ply, prj, q3o, q3s, raw, scn, smd, stl, ter, uc, vta, x, xgl, zgl.

Paradise Sandbox will automatically detect the different materials/textures used in the object and all will be imported as good as possible: diffuse, normal and specular maps (if them are available). Objects with color-based materials will be also correctly imported.

Here is a step-by-step video-tutorial showing how to import a COLLADA (.dae) object:

Let’s import a car model named “ExampleCar.dae”:

Now you’ll see the import dialog: select the imported object size (in meters) and click on import!

Now your asset is imported and ready to be used!

Updating your imported assets

If you are importing an object which has the same name than other asset which has been previously imported, you’ll be able to choose between:

  • Creating a new asset
  • Updating the existing one

In Paradise Sandbox all updates are done on-the-fly, even if you’re looking at the object in the viewport - it’ll be instantly updated. The same for any texture change, all is reload on the fly.

Removing imported assets

In order to remove an imported asset from Paradise Sandbox, just perform a right click and choose 'Remove asset':