HDR: exposure, bloom and lens-flare

Paradise Sandbox features an high quality HDR effect which is preconfigured in all scenes. This documentation page aims orient the user to customize the look and feel of all HDR-related effects: exposure, bloom and lens-flare.

At first, navigate through the compositors of the scene and click on HDR:

Now you will be able to change the HDR-related parameters: exposure, bloom and lens-flare. Have attention since they are not the same thing.


  • Gamma correction: gamma correction applied in the HDR stage. Usually this should be near 1.


Controls how bright or dark the rendered image is. The exposure is dynamically changed depending of the luminance of the current view.

  • Exposure: Exposure multiplier. Less exposure means more bright.
  • Exposure range: Allowed exposure range in the scene. Useful to clamp min/max exposure values in order to avoid over-exposed and under-exposed images.
  • Exposure adaptation speed: Speed of the exposure adaptation during bright <-> dark transitions.


The bloom effect appears on very bright parts of the scene, but it's not the same effect than lens-flare. Example:

  • Bloom threshold: Level of intensity (bright) needed to render the bloom effect
  • Bloom intensity: Bloom effect multiplier (intensity of the blur)


  • Lens-flare threshold: Level of intensity (bright) needed to generate the lens-flare effect
  • Lens-flare intensity: Lens-flare multiplier (intensity of the flare)